Friday, 21 May 2010

New Tutorial

I've written another tutorial for you guys, this one is so simple but I think there are endless possibilites to it

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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

New Tutorial

I got another new tutorial for you, using the lovely work of Martin Abel and a fabby template by CBJ

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Featured Tutorial

Nicky over atr PixelBerry (a totally fantabulous site btw) has choosen one of my tuts to be the featured tut of the fortnight woop woop...
My Disco Beat tutorial will now be featured over there for a whole 2 weeks ... how cool is that??
I have to say that Disco Beat is one of my fav tuts that I have written recently, mainly due to the animation. I hate animated I don't hate animated tags....I hate writing tutorials for animated tags, but when I had finished making my tag and showed it to a friend she said
"you gotta tell me how to do those speakers"
and so the tutorial was written
Ramble over...back to your scheduled programme

Monday, 17 May 2010

Designer of the Month

Yep I've been choosen as designer of the month over at Digital Chaos
You can read all about here

Also make sure you check out the contest and you can win some goodies

All my stuff is on sale for just 99c or you can buy my store for just $15 including all previously retired kits

IM Letters

I now have some incredimail letter I have made on my site for download.

Below is a preview of my newest one

©Martin Abel Angel Heart

Click the preview to go to my site and the IM Letters

Saturday, 15 May 2010

New Tut

I've got another new tut for you guys....very 4th of July (a bit early I know)
I used the awesome work of Gennadiy Koufay and scrap bits from Jo's Born On The kit

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Thursday, 13 May 2010

New Exclsuive Tut

I have a new exclusive tutorial available at 4CNRTaggers, it's called Eternal Torment

I used the beautiful and gentle artowrk of Anna Marine and Jo's newest scrap Eternal Torment
You will need to be a member of 4CNRTaggers in order to view this tutorial

Click the tag to go to4CNRTaggers4

preview resized to 90%

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Another New Tut

WOW it's some roll I'm on with my tut writing but as I said before I am not complaining. I think I still have a tag or 2 I want to tut, so more coming soon.

This new one features the super cool artwork of Mashi and a fab bright, colourful, cheerful kit by Candys Treats, although it can be done with other kits

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preview resized to 80%

Just Tuts

Are you a tut whore? or a tut writer? or both??

Just Tuts is a place where tut writers can advertise their newest tut(s)

Just Tuts is open to ANYONE, you don't need to be a tut writer to join, just have a love a tuts...follow your favourite tut writers here

Tut Writers: Please add you link to links section of the group.
Also if possible please include a preview of your tut.
Please ensure ALL previews sent through are 100% copyright compliant

This group is NOT a teaching group.

We are NOT a scrap advertising group,for scrap adverts please join:
Digital Designers

The group is moderated, so you will only recieve mail advertising new tuts

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Just Tuts

New Tut

I have a new tutorial featuring the fan-tabby artwork of Dark Yarrow

Click the tag to get to the tut

note: image reszied by 80%

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Another New Tut

I wrote another new tut, I'm on a roll at the min and I have a few more up my sleeve
This one uses the beautiful art of Jennifer Janesko and a lovely kit by Cyrene

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Friday, 7 May 2010

3 New Tuts

I have 3 new tuts on my site, please click the tag to go to the tut